LiberOcto works with all organisations from startups to large multinationals. We share a common goal: to use whatever collective resources we have to make a positive difference to the world. At LiberOcto we innovate, collaborate and strive tirelessly to ensure all our clients achieve, if not exceed their objectives in a creative, strategic and dynamic way. We bring fresh and lateral thinking to intractable issues; looking at what needs to be achieved from a ROI, regulatory, shareholder and wider stakeholder perspective. We have strong links with intelligence and diplomatic pathfinders in complicated geo-political regions.

We are a team of specialists and experts in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), development, marketing and communications. Our network is expansive and versatile - pulling together the best and most experienced minds from across the globe to ensure your project or campaign flourishes. From small community based projects and employee engagement, through to giant international multi-site healthcare and education programmes, our team has the passion, drive and expertise to make your campaign count.

However large or small your seed of an idea is, we will support you and provide world class CSR, development and communications consultancy not only to get your idea off the ground, but to nurture it so that it thrives. For more established organisations, we work alongside you to review, refine or regenerate your campaign, taking it to the next level and beyond. 

"Large streams from little fountains flow,
Tall oaks from little acorns grow;"

David Everett

LiberOcto is part of the LiberGlobal family of not-for-profit and ethical commercial organisations.



Phone: +447856703882

Email: info@liberocto.com



A percentage of all LiberOcto profits go back into supporting community and social enterprise projects. For further information, or to register your project for consideration, please contact: info@liberocto.com 

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