LiberOcto is an ethical business growth and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) specialist consultancy. We have two key focus areas:

I. To strategically prepare, position and grow brands into existing, and new territories and markets. Our clients desire to move forward in a responsible way that helps, not hinders the planet and humanity. We use brand strategy, design, business development, marketing and communications to support the business growth process.

II. LiberOcto designs, builds and runs CSR campaigns on both a local and global scale. We help to bring your CSR strategy to life through impactful projects and programmes that leave a lasting positive legacy. From small community based projects, through to giant multi-national programmes - we have your objectives covered.

LiberOcto works with all organisations from start-ups to large commercial multi-nationals; charities and public sector groups. We share a common goal, to use whatever collective resources we have to make a positive difference to the world.

At LiberOcto we innovate, collaborate and strive tirelessly to ensure we exceed our clients' objectives - in a creative, strategic and dynamic way. We bring fresh and lateral thinking to intractable issues; looking at what needs to be achieved from a ROI, regulatory, shareholder, ethical, wider stakeholder and business growth perspective. LiberOcto has strong links with intelligence, legal, Government and Diplomatic pathfinders in complicated geo-political regions.

However large, or small your organisation is, we will provide world-class CSR, business development, brand management, marketing and communications consultancy that ensures your operation thrives.

"Large streams from little fountains flow,
Tall oaks from little acorns grow;"

David Everett


Phone: +4561163660

Email: info@liberocto.com